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Offer 1 “yacht rental dubai” 1-10 people

yacht rental dubai

Two Hour Yacht Rental Dubai for Up to 10 People

50% Off = 999 AED Before 2000 AED

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Offer 2 “yacht rental dubai” 1-25 people

yachts rental dubai

Two Hour Yacht Rental Dubai for Up to 25 People

50% Off = 1200 AED Before 2400 AED

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Jet Ski


Jet Ski – Yacht Rental Dubai


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Banana Boat


Banana Boat – Yacht Rental Dubai


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donuts – Yacht Rental Dubai


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Paddle board


Paddle board – Yacht Rental Activity


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Sea Bob


Sea Bob – Yacht Rental Activity


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Fishing – Yacht Rental Activity


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Jet Ski

Jet Ski – Yacht Rental Dubai When you’re finished cruising the coast line and begin to crave endocrine, you’ll be glad to pilot our primetier jet-skis. Dive straight into the thrills and satisfy yourself with one amongst the simplest watercraft experiences of your lifespan. Our jet-ski rides begin at a minimum of 30minutes and can permit you to hurryacross the city outline like ne’er before.

Originally created in Japan, by Kawasaki, jet-skis have gained laurels across the planet as being one amongstthe foremost diverting watercrafts and ours aren’t any exception. The jet-ski is associate open watercraft bare between you and ocean aside from the seat below you. this can provide you with a way of freedom soaring across the ocean that no different yachting expertise can give.

The jet-ski is to a ship what a motorbike is to a car; merely unbeatable. Our quickest model, the RXP-X 255, can see you reaching most speeds over 70MPH. The RXP-X’s power unit are the envy of your friends furtherbecause it solely wants two.5 seconds to hit its prime speed.

The jet-skis we provide ar three.32 metres long, 1.23 metres wide and weigh around a dry weight of 386 kilos whereas holding 60L of fuel. These measurements work the best size for a mid-sized jet-ski, that ar good for each beginners and knowledgeable about riders World Health Organization ar able to chase their endocrine.

Aside from excitement, safety is that the most wanted priority for all of our riders. that is why all of our jet-skis come back equipped with state of the art, O.T.A.S (Off Throttle assisted Steering). whereas most jet- skis won’t even permit you to show while not victimization the throttle, O.T.A.S provides you the safety to manoeuvre through any obstacles with ease and safety.

It’s imperative that whereas you’re cruising past landmarks like Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah, that you’re as comfy as you’d be in your own yacht. Our jet-skis are designed with freshly improved, ergolock seating systems. These systems provide you with the liberty of adjustable handlebars, further as skilled slenderathletics seat and foot locks that angle inward. the proper combination to maximise your comfort. every jet-ski is additionally equipped with aspect mirrors designed to be notably wide, thus you’re whole tuned in toyour surroundings as you fancy your day on the ocean.

Each jet-ski is utterly designed not barely for comfort, except for speed. They’re designed with adjustable rear-position sponsons, that permit you to decide on your riding style; higher for minimum challenge and most comfort or lower for sharp turns and extreme mobilitya lot of significantlyevery jet-ski has associateengine like no different, the Rotax 1630 ACE. With a V-day power unit and September 11 size increase than its precursor, the 1630 ACE can provide you with the sting on the open ocean whereas you hit Georgia home boy speed, trying over the city outline.

Our jet-ski supply is one that can not be overwhelmed. With state of the art style to maximise each speed and luxury, we’re happy to supply you the proper watercraft expertise.

Banana Boat

Get ready for a few fantastic family friendly fun as you hold on tight whereas you’re being force across the ocean at exciting speeds! cargo vessel rides square measure accessible across our entire yacht vary and they’re a good expertise for you, your family and friends!

yacht rental dubai marina

Looking for the simplest way to pay time along with your family whereas conjointly obtaining your fix of endocrine and excitement? Well the cargo vessel is that the excellent possibility for you. You’ll be towed from the rear of a jet-ski as you soar across the ocean of races to fifty kilometres per hour. every cargo vessel ride will seat one -4 individuals in total, which implies you’ve got an incredible quantity of area for not simply yourself, however your entire family to relish themselves.

yacht rental dubai marina You won’t have to be compelled to worry concerning the security of your friends and family as you watch from afar, as a result of with the four seats the cargo vessel offers, you’ll be right there with them enjoying the speed and excitement of the ride whereas feeling safe and secure.

Each person are equipped with a fitted preserver which is able to keep Associate in Nursingy rider fully safe just in case of an accidental slip or fall. {this is|this is often|this will be} a good thanks to introduce your family to some awe-inspiring thrills that’ll have them feeling like they’re on a rollercoaster whereas still having the protection and confidence that no damage can return their thanks to ruin the fun.

The name speaks for itself; the cargo vessel is in truth Associate in Nursing expansive boat that’s each the color Associate in Nursingform of an actual banana. With no motor or vital weight thereto, the cargo vessel could be a nice possibility for families and friends World Health Organization don’t have anyprevious expertise to water sports and would love to venture into this different world.

While the luxuries and high-toned living on our vary of yachts is irresistible, it’s forever an incredible option to venture out onto the opposite finish of the spectrum and chase the thrills that the ocean holds. The cargo vessel is that the excellent chance to try to to simply that, while not having to worry concerning desirous to learn new skills or take a risk and have to be compelled to finish your vacation shorter than expected.

Any journey across the ocean desires not solely luxurious living, however conjointly moments you’ll feel the thrills of life along with your family and friends. therefore once you’ve finished your drinks Associate in Nursingd had your fine feeding experiences get on prime of 1 of the foremost zany and exciting water activities and take an exciting ride behind a jet-ski as you speed across the ocean with no problem in the least.

A whole new world awaits you on the ocean and we’re providing you with the chance to venture into it with none problem in the least whereas conjointly permitting you to require your family on yet. Don’t take this ride with no consideration and be a well-loved friend and friend as you offer them the chance to expertisesome nice fun.


Yacht Rental Dubai Water friedcakesquare measure simply one among the foremost exciting aquatic experiences you’ll ever have we have a tendency to|and that we}’re willguarantee you a donut ride that you’ll always remember.

Donuts square measure a private favorite of the many individuals abroad and there’s smart reason why. They’ll satisfy a need you have got for thrills and hormone whereas not requiring any talent whatever. The donuts circular frame and lightweight body mean that when you’re on the ocean, you’ll be reading your most speed in an exceedingly matter of seconds as you speed across the waves of the ocean. The friedcakeitself has the capabilities of touch most speeds of the jet-ski or boat that’s towing it across the ocean.

No expertise on the water? That’s dead fine. All the friedcake needs of you is to take a seat down and hold on tight, as a result of you’ll be dashing across waves whereas the wind blows through your hair. Our donuts aren’t only for single riders either, we’ve got 1-4 individuals choices that mean that the friedcake is that theexcellent chance for you to pay time along with your shut friends or family.

The friedcake is totally expansivewhich suggests it’s simple to pack and found outmerely processing air into it with any kind of pump can have it able to use in minutes. Its ability to shy away down once it’s deflated suggests that it’ll take up no area aboard and you’ll solely ever need to trust it once you’re able tojump back out there to grant it another ride.

Whether young or recent, the friedcake is that the excellent selection for you. There’s no regulationneeded to leap on a friedcake which suggests that it’s excellent for your young children to undertake and request new thrills across the ocean whereas you seat and relax abroad.

Each rider is provided with their own cork jacket. Even whereas you’ll desire you’re dashing as quick as you most likely will across the ocean, you’ll still have the arrogance in yourself and your friedcake knowing that you’re strapped in to your cork jacket. You’ll ne’er need to worry concerning their safety throughout your journey as there’ll continuously be a secure methodology of protective them just in case of any accidental slip or fall off of you friedcake.

The friedcake has been dead designed for thrill seekers and beginners alike. Its high speeds and freedom on the ocean suggests that you’ll be obtaining your hormone fix in no time and whereas it’s simple to find outit’ll have beginners feeling like aquatics professionals in an exceedingly flash. The friedcake is that theexcellent choice to have aboard whichever yacht you decide on to charter and can have your friends and family in fits of pure excitement. Don’t neglect the chance for exciting experiences along with your fair-haired ones still as a simple thanks to strive an incredible sport.

Paddle board

For most individuals water sports ar normally better-known to be fast, high intensity experiences. whereasfor many which may be excellentyou will be searching for a chance to relax, instead of a hunt internal secretion. If this can be you, then the paddleboard is your best bet to relish your journey across the ocean even moreso.

Paddleboarding has been around for hundreds of yearsoperational at first as the simplest way for travellers and pioneers to venture across Great Lakes and rivers. currently it’s become one amongst the foremost widespread spare time activities to relish a calming expertise bemusedwhereas most water sports can have you ever operational significant instrumentality, the paddleboard has remained as oversimplified in its style and operation since once it absolutely was 1st unreal. All it needs of you is 2 feet, and one implement to assist you coast across the ocean.

The paddleboard is that the best thanks to get about to the gorgeous marine life below you while not ever having to really get into the ocean. the shortage of noise or size implies that the marine life below goes fullyunbothered by your presence. whereas you’re flight across the ocean you’ll be able to merely look below to check something from attractive coral, to tropical fish or perhaps docile water mammals like manatees or dolphins.

If you’re searching for associate choice that doesn’t need you to possess previous expertise, then the paddleboard is that the excellent selection. The paddleboard has next to no learning curve and can have you ever reading what to try and do in a very matter of minutes. It’s an excellent choice for families UN agency ar searching for the chance to try and do one thing that even your youngsters will do.

Paddleboard’s ar all product of the latest in aquatics technology, which means they’re all created with carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is considerably lighter than its previous style of wood which suggests a a lot ofagile and drum sander ride. It’ll even have you carrying the paddle board to and from your yacht with ease, not having to strain yourself the least bit.

Each board conjointly comes with foam grip that has been crafted to dead sit atop the board. This grip provides you the liberty of security whereas you’re paddling and conjointly provides the final word comfort below your feet to complete your expertise.

The versatility of the paddleboard can have you ever disbursement hours over the ocean as you relish one amongst the foremost quiet experiences created obtainable. Most uses of the paddleboard see individualsstanding, whereas they need a whole 360 degree read of the ocean around them. but the boards with and length mean you have got many space to change posture and float by or sit and rest your legs as you relishyourself.

The paddleboard could seem sort of a lesser choicehowever its skillfulness and lack of issue build it the proper choice for anyone following a calming and gratifying expertise. It’s excellent for beginners UN agency ar unaccustomed water sports furthermore as families UN agency ar wanting to try and do one thing along.

Sea Bob Yacht Rental Dubai

yacht-rental-dubai Water sports and instrumentality have return an extended approach since once they 1st became in stylethe most recent in aquatics technology is here and doesn’t scotch. The Sea-Bob could be a one among a form expertise that’s a requirement for anyone seeking the journey of a life time. air the forefront of aquatics instrumentality and dive into the ocean such as you ne’er have before.

Originally designed in FRG, the sea-bob could be a high supercharged electrical scooter which will be wont to each travel across water or below it. the ocean bob is totally distinctive in what it offers the rider and canpermit you to travel through the ocean like ne’er before. The sea-bobs style is pure comfort. it’s grooves utterly moulded to well suit your arms additionally as a light-weighttwenty nine weight unit body that appears like you’re carrying virtually nothing at all; it’s the proper combination of each luxury and ingenuity.

The sea bob’s intuitive system permits you to be told a way to use it sort of a skilled inside your 1st ride. Its controls yield a simple piloting expertise and can see you swimming amongst spectacular marine life in no time.

Its speed can cause you to feel as if you’re as quick the dolphins swimming beside you as you pilot it. touchspeeds of up to fifteen kilometres higher than water and eleven kilometres below water, the Sea-Bob is incredibly agile associate degreed offers an memorably sleek diving expertise. If you’re seeking to cruise across the ocean with the wind in your hair, then the Sea-Bob’s higher than water feature is that theexcellent choice for you. It’s straightforward to use vogue and modest speed provide you with a wonderfulswimming expertise. If the underwater world is for you, then the sea-bobs below surface feature is strictlywhat you wish.

Never before have you ever been able to dive thus freely and swimmingly into the ocean and be able tosurround yourself amongst the gorgeous aquatic life below. Its motor makes virtually no sound in the slightest degreewhich means that you simply won’t be surprising any of the marine life encompassingyou, providing you with a totally immersive underwater expertise.

You’ll be able to impress your friends and family with the Sea-Bobs attractive visual styleutterly formedand moulded to go with the rider, you’ll feel as if you were born to ride it. With a good array of attractivecolors from red to yellow, additionally as a chromes end, the Sea-Bob can leave any spectators in awe of what they’re looking you expertise.

The Sea-Bob is one among the simplest items of water instrumentality on the market and we’ve created it obtainable for you to expertise at anytime. Be the envy of your friends and dive into the ocean amongst the marine life like nobody has before with this once in an exceedingly period expertise. Sea-Bobs area unitobtainable across all of our yachts, thus notwithstanding what you select to charter, this is often awaiting you. Don’t miss out on this.

Fishing Yacht Rental Dubai

Coasting across the ocean is AN expertise that may be complimented with the foremost widespreadaquatics found across the globe, fishing. The ocean is AN untouched pathway for journeythat you’ll get to travel across as you get pleasure from a lifetime of luxury. Take it to consequent level and venture to a lower place the ocean and reap the rewards that it offers, by participating in fishing.

Fishing permits you to expertise the simplest of each worlds. Relax, as you solid your line from your deckand sit back as you expect your line to be tugged whereas you sip on a cocktail. Then, steel onself for ANexciting game of cat and mouse, as you’re challenged with reeling in what’s on the opposite finish of your line before you celebrate your catch.

The Mediterranean offers such AN intense kind of marine life for you to expertise. From the gorgeous colorsof a parrot fish, to the unbelievable size of a tuna, no catch you create can ever be a similarprovide your family the chance to bond with you, as you teach them the way to bait and solid a line, so that they can even get pleasure from the wonders of selecting to fish aboard one in all Columbus Yachts luxurious vessels. pay quality time along with your friends as you socialise over some drinks whereas expecting a fish to catch your line.

Regardless of whether or not or not you’re new the game, or a veteran at the game, fishing offers a pleasant expertise for everybody. If solely currently does one wish to administer it your 1st try, don’t fret, Columbus Yacht’s state of the art aquatics consultants are going to be on deck, able to provide you with all the coaching and tips you’ll got to absolutely immerse yourself within the expertise.

Each fishing expertise can provide you with a brand new chance to catch one thing completely differentfrom the nice blue ocean below you. value more highly to solid your line by the shallows of the beach and tackle marine life like the flathead or flounder. Or, pursue the wonders of the deep and fish go into the ocean wherever you can’t even see very cheap of the Davy Jones.

Be the envy of your friends and family, because the world category chefs serve your catch of the day for dinner. getting ready what you’ve caught to the delight of all of these around you.

Fishing is ideal for once you’re once AN exciting expertise that’ll get your hormone flowing, all whereasne’er having to go away the comfort of your chair. Once you’re done paddle-boarding across the ocean to envision what it’s to supplysolid a line to capture it for yourself. make preparations to create your journey even higher, as you throw your cord over the sting of your terribly own super yacht. Don’t simply travel the ocean, but own it, as you challenge the marine below for AN expertise that’ll have you ever feeling eachrelaxed and happy. Book now.




yacht rental dubai marina

Yacht Columbus 45 is established on a new hull layout and conveys an intuition of the sailing coupe with it excellent deck saloon extended in clean symmetry with a shoreline that points to adventure and power. Cool and subjugating. Balanced by excellent luxury and ampleness throughout. Our Columbus 45 is the haven and relaxation and exhilaration. yacht rental dubai marina


  • Cruise past Dubai marina , the Burj Al-Arab and Palm Jumeirah
  • Sip on complimentary soft drinks as you admire the yachts of Dubai Marina
  • Relax in luxury aboard your own private yacht


  • Unlimited soft drinks, water and ice
  • Life jacket
  • Towels
  • Yacht sound system
  • Food X (you can bring your own)
  • Alcohol (you can bring your own)
  • Transportation X

Meeting point: Dubai Marina

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Full description

Make your way to Dubai Marina Yacht Club for the arranged departure time, and meet with your private skipper on arrival. Then, climb aboard a gleaming, private yacht with a spacious sun deck and fly bridge seating area.

Relax in the comfortable indoor saloon, where you will also find cabins, a kitchen and washrooms.  cheapest yacht rental dubai Feel free to bring any food and drinks (at your own expense) and put them in the fridge to enjoy during your cruise. Benefit from complimentary sodas, mineral water and ice yacht rental dubai marina.

Then, let your skipper take care of the navigation as you settle on deck and sail into the Persian Gulf. Soak up the panoramic views of the city’s skyscrapers as you glide along the coast. Snap photos of the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al-Arab and towering Atlantis The Palm Hotel. Opt for an evening cruise and admire the landmarks illuminated for the night yacht rental dubai marina.


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cheap yacht rental dubai

Yacht Rental Dubai Arrive for your special day in style. Or order us to fetch your special guest in a regal transport like a stretch limousine and impress her with its elegance cheap yacht rental dubai.

Birthday Party Yacht Rental

yacht rental dubai marina

If you’re trying to find the proper thanks to pay your birthday, you’ve return to the proper place. With our birthday package, you’ll be celebrating your special occasion royally aboard your terribly own super yacht. it’s everything you’ll want for the proper day aboard together with, food, drinks, music and thrills!

Sail across urban center like ne’er before, with up to sixty of your friends as your party the night away. You’ll be the awe of all as your perpetually impress them with what your birthday needs to provide aboard your super yacht. Dance atop your sundeck with the best electronic equipment on the oceanfancy drinking cocktails with all of your friends as you celebrate the simplest birthday you’ve ever had. All of our yachts aroperated by a state of the art crew, that ar absolutely equipped for all of your wantsonce a cocktail? We’ve got you coated. Chasing an amazing meal for all of your friends? They’ll have it to you in no time.

We offer everything you’ll got to have an amazing party on the water. Don’t feel the necessity to bring something, as we’ve got you coated. Blow out candles atop your terribly own, connoisseur cake, provided by United States of America. Set the mood for a fun day ahead, with provided element balloons which will be unionized across the complete yacht, therefore all over your guests can go, can desire a celebration.

Enjoy a number of the best eating created out there across our super yachts. For your birthday, we have a tendency to ar providing delicious, connoisseur shawarma for you and every one of your guests. Relax as you celebrate your birthday with style, impressing your friends with everything that your own personal cook has ready for them. expose in a very sort of tasty canapes similarly, all delivered on to where you and your friends is also, aboard your yacht.

The fun doesn’t stop there, once you’ve had enough of unerect around aboard and danced to your favoritesongs, hop atop of your terribly own, cargo ship. You’ll be told everything you would like to, similarly as provided life jackets by our begin of the art trainers before you hop aboard for a few unbelievable fun on the ocean. It sits not solely yourself, however an oversized variety of your friends, therefore you’ll all fancy the thrills because the wind blows through your hair.

Don’t miss out on your excellent birthday.

Yacht Rental Dubai . No event is complete without a cake. party yacht rental dubai And, if you have a celebration on board where cake is a must, just tell us For us, to get you the yummiest cake cheap yacht rental dubai

Rent a Yacht for New Years

While everyone contains a vacation they like quite another, none stand dominant to the joy of conveyancein a very New Year. New Years Eve is that the biggest event across the planet, with billions of individualstally down the seconds before hour. Of course, the simplest facet of recent Years Eve is that the excitement of being at a celebration with all of your shut friends. Columbus Yachts square measure providing you the chance to require your New Years Eve party to following level and pay the most important night of the year on one in every of their prestigious super yachts. we have a tendency to square measure the quantity one luxury yacht rental in metropolis.

Bask in pure luxury as you and your friends brace oneself for following year in your terribly own super yacht. we’ve got a spread of luxury boats for brand new Years Eve in metropolisthe foremost widespreadyachts square measure polina 60Ft and columbus 45Ft. relish drinking the best cocktails created out thereby the crew UN agency have over twenty years of water travel expertise as you socialise together with yourfriends whereas enjoying the sights and sounds of the attractive town of metropolis.

Be the envy of your peers, as you’re taking partying to following level. It’s straightforward to throw a celebration receptionhowever it’s superb to throw it on your terribly own luxury yacht. relish diversion the night away to your favorite music, through the newest in audio technology enjoying across the ocean on your sundeck. Before the night kicks off, take a seat and treat yourself to the best feeding expertise you’ll have abroad, all ready by the state of the art crew perpetually at your disposal.

Your party are going to be the simplest in city, as you invite your friends on board to relish within theluxuries you’ve created out there. Have the time of your life on the water as you jet-ski across the oceanbefore you’re able to dance the night away whereas your friends be part of you on your thrill ride.

Discover your new years resolution like ne’er before, as you replicate upon your past year in complete luxury. rely on however you’ll improve your life even a lot of thus as you absorb the sun reclined in a verysun chair on prime deck, whereas sipping on your favorite cocktail. Once the night kicks off, you’ll be cruising the coast line within the finest yachts out therecreate the maximum amount noise as you wishdiversionthe night away, as a result of on your own yacht, the total world is yours. you’ll do no matter you wish and at any moment have the crew at your disposal. and that we have intensive expertise in organizing new years eve and company yacht parties.

Dive into the water from your own diving platform whereas the night goes on and once you’re back out of the water to induce prepared for the large moment. be part of your friends on the bridge and be the envy of all the onlookers around you as you numeration from 10 to enter the New Yearthere’s no alternativeday like new years eve and there’s no alternative expertise than being on one in every of Columbus Yacht’s impeccable yachts. With a mix of each, you’re being given the chance of a period of time for you and your friends. create this trip your new years resolution.

 Dubai Canals – Yacht Charter Destination

Your yacht expertise ought to be one that speaks for itself. The super yachts you select ought to be Associate in Nursing journey themselves, no matter wherever you go. urban center is home to the foremost exciting landmarks and locations within the world, that is why Columbus Yachts square measureproviding you a 1 of a form canal cruise, wherever you actually expertise each the attractive town and therefore the complete immersion of your luxurious superyacht.

Dubai’s canals square measure the optimum thanks to explore all that you just wish throughout it. The canals pass an intensive kind of all of the monuments and landmarks that build the town therefore knownworldwide. Climb aboard your superyacht and find able to lead off an amazing day trip.

Start your day feat the distinguished Bvlgari docknoted for its design that fantastically resembles Associate in Nursing class Mediterranean village. Wave those at the dock arrivederci as you and your friends or family lead off your exciting journey towards your 1st landmark, the Jumeriah Beach building. The building is known for its personal beach and kind of feeding choices. Its design is exciting and can leave you in awe as you marvel at this true exploit of engineering.

Prepare yourself as your journey through the town actually begins. Enter the mouth of the canals by Habtoor town, home to a group of deluxe hotels. prepare to be wet, as you pass below Dubai’s artificialfallswhereas it should be unrealit’s an equivalent magnitude and sweetness of natural waterfalls found throughout forests across the globe. You’ll actually perceive however urban center combines nature with luxury.

As you savours comfort, you’ll be treated to a number of the best occupation offered in urban centerfancyeach bite of the meals, the Columbus Yacht’s extremely trained crew prepare. whereas you’re absorbing the sun, sip on mouth- watering cocktails that outline, delicious. fancy these tasty drinks as you socialise together with your friends and absorb the sights and sounds of urban center.

Cruise past the notorious, St Regis and W Hotels. a huge building that’s as spectacular in its look because itis its sheer size. Nothing stands therefore imposingly but, as Dubai’s most picture building, the Burj Kahlifa. With 163 floors and standing at 830 metres high, the Burj Khalifa is that the world’s tallest building and is really one in every of the best wonders of the globe. Witness it’s sheer height and be astounded that the highest of the building cannot even be seen amongst the high altitude because of the clouds that cowl it. this may actually be the height of your journey rummaging through the canals of urban center.

Dubai has most to supply that it’s nearly not possible to check in barely every day. Columbus Yachts mix luxury with journey provide|to provide|to present|to administer|to allow|to convey|to grant|to relinquish} you expertise nearly everything that urban center must offer. additional significantly, you see this stunning town whereas disbursal your day in a very yacht, acceptable a king. Take a step aboard, journey awaits you now!

Palm & Burj Al Arab – Yacht Rental Destination

Not solely will Columbus Yachts supply pristine yacht charters that may finally allow you to board luxury, they conjointly deal in destination packages that create your on board expertise actually supernaturalone among the foremost in style destinations Columbus Yachts supply is none aside from Palm & Burj Al Arab. These destinations merely aren’t one thing to be taken gentlytherefore Columbus Yachts offers not solely a 0.5expeditionhowever an improbable full day to utterly engulf you during this satisfying expertise.

Dubai is home to a number of the foremost splendid places in not solely the United Amirate Emirates, however the complete world. It offers a number of the foremost deluxe locations to go to, explore and keep. Dubai’s hotels ar that of the best calibre and ar famed for the wondertherefore set sail from what’sthe foremost exclusive docking facility in city, the Bvlgari building and Residences. The docking facility may be a good reflection of a conventionalclass Mediterranean village in its style and may be a spectacle that has to be seen, to be believed. With a five star rating and a unequalled quality of service, you’ll feel as top-tier as those that reside there.

Once you’ve left the Bvlgari building docking facility, you’ll be cruising by the long-lasting, Burj Al Arab. usually thought to be the world’s solely, ‘7 Star’ building, the Burj Al Arab is associate degree engineering and bailiwick development. It’s lovely form and structure was on purpose designed to correspond a J category Yacht and there’s no different thanks to marvel at its glory than to be aboard one among Columbus Yachts impeccable ships. however don’t simply bear in mind the instant, capture it. The yacht’s course permits you to photograph yourself before of the Burj Al Arab that your friends can explore in awe.

Once you’ve passed the Burj Al Arab you’ll coast past the exciting Al Sufouh Beach, one among the foremostdeluxe beaches among the UAE. whereas you’re there you’ll be ready to witness the royal family’s beach front compounds and skill however the country’s wealthiest wish to pay their time by the ocean.

That’s not the sole royalty you get to witness as you go past the luxurious non-public island that sits at the bottom of the Palm, in hand by none aside from ruler Mohammad. Be in awe of the sheer magnitude and scope of what stands before you and actually perceive what it’s to be royalty. Seeing isn’t all you’ll be doing whereas at the Palm, however. raise your crew to prevent therefore you’ll swim by One&Only on the Palm. one among the foremost luxurious resorts you’ll ever witness.

As your day finally involves a detailed, sit down and open a bottle of champagne and watch the sunshineorange rays of the sun, sedately set over the celebratedimaginary place buildingone among Dubai’s most prized locations and hotels; it’s the proper thanks to end what’s going to be the most effective day of your life. Don’t take city without any consideration.

World Island – Yacht Rental Destination

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Dubai is home to such a huge excessiveness of noted landmarks. From Burj Khalifa to the Palm, port is central for several wonders. None stand out a lot of thus, than the internationally noted, World Islands. the planet Islands ar a number of the foremost exciting places for adventurers and explorers to journey to.

They offer an amazing quantity of mystery and marvel. None stand near to being as spectacular as World Island. Columbus Yachts need to offer you the chance to expertise them initial hand. Jump aboard and payeither 0.5 or a full day, exploring one amongst the foremost intriguing set of islands within the world.

The World Island is arguably one amongst Dubai’s most noted developments. 10 years on and therefore theWorld Island could be a booming success that has had uncountable bucks invested with into it to become one amongst the foremost luxurious places on Earth. the whole set of islands has been designed to tallyatiny low map of the planet and once you inspect it from a birds eye read, it will specifically that.

There’s smart reason for each its name and appearance, it not solely resembles it, however seems like its own world once you’re there. prepare to prevent off at identical locations because the uber madeUN agency use their hard currency to buy their own islands during this paradise. Look over at the insane mansions that house these high-toned people and gasp at the magnitude of however they live. however not solely inspect however they live, feel it. Lay down your towel and take in the warming rays as you sun on the personal islands of the made and noted. Ride your jet-ski before of their personal havens and soar across the ocean as if you’re royalty yourself. Become another king that lives during this paradise as you stand on the every of the shore, trying over at what might someday be yours.

Stop by one amongst the foremost illustrious aspects of World Island, Asian country island associated prepare yourself for an unbeatable Lebanese vogue meal. You’ll be glad you’re not sitting in a very eating house as you from the sun, feeding your 5-star meal on the beach. Let the sun set over as you relish eachbite and grasp that there’s no alternative food which will style this smart.

World Island has engineered itself to be one amongst the foremost well-known places on Earth. it’s home to a number of the richest folks internationally associated is an incredibly eye gap expertise into however the highest simple fraction live. currently you’ll be able to be a part of them to, as you are taking your own super yacht across the ocean into this personal paradise and from all of their luxuries.

Rent a Yacht for Corporate Party

It’s demanding running a business and keeping all of your workers and purchasers happy. It’s vital that they feel relaxed and ar enjoying themselves, that is why the right chance to host a company event is aboard your terribly own superyacht. we provide the best tier packages offered for you and your patronage, as you’ll have everything you’ll want for the right company event; delicious food, drinks, lovely scenery and high-end PA systems.

Every super yacht we offer offers the newest in recreation and luxury. Gain the respect of your employeesand patronage, as you’re taking them aboard your terribly own superyacht. You’ll treat them to luxury feeding Associate in Nursinga gorgeous ship with an aesthetic that’ll leave all in awe. Your team’s morale are going to be through the roof, as they’ll be viewing the sweetness of the urban center outline. You’ll see everything urban center needs to supply like ne’er before. It’s the right size for any company event, capable of transportation aboard up to sixty of your employees .

Make sure your employees and patronage ar glad with our fantastic gourmand feeding. Our companypackage offers delicious canapes, that ar excellent for your event. everybody aboard can admire you for providing them with a number of the simplest food they’ve ever had, from your terribly own cook. If you would like to impress your purchasers, look no any, as they’ll relax over delicious drinks created offeredfrom the yacht’s terribly own bar. Any consumer of yours are going to be transfixed once this unforgettable expertise.

When it’s time to urge to business, we’ll have you ever linedwe tend to perceive however vital it’s to forman efficient presentation for your employees and patronagethat is why this package offers top-tier PA systems and presentation screens whenever you would like. You’ll have the right chance to gift no matteryou would like to patronage and employees. Not solely can you be ready to supply an efficientpresentation, you’ll be doing it modish, aboard your terribly own super yacht that may leave its guests gladand in awe of what you’ll be able to give.

Blow your competitors out of the water by treating your team to a once during a period expertise they’llalways rememberthose who utilize this package have return with large amounts of confidence that this can be a company event like no alternative. Book currently whereas you can!

Anniversary Yacht Charter

There’s nobody a lot of necessary to shower with gifts than your partner. It’s necessary for any relationship to recollect once they married and to possess daily as exciting as in the past. Celebrate your day aboard your terribly own super yacht to try to to specifically that. Our day package is that the excellent plan for any couple WHO need to pay their big day in pure luxury.

Hope aboard your terribly own super yacht and lead off a romantic trip by the attractivemetropolisoutline. Our yachts travel across attractive scenery. You and your partner are going to be left in awe at the views our yachts can givewanting over at the most effective of metropolistake in the sun whereas you lay beside your partner, on your deluxe sundeck. the 2 of you’ll be loved from anyone WHO crosses your path as you brag to the globe your love and luxury.

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The day package doesn’t simply stop there, set the mood by ordering drinks from your non-public barkeepand dream the years you’ve spent with each other over delicious cocktails. because the sun sets, you’ll be able to sit down and luxuriate in the best on-board feeding we providerelish a romantic, candle lit dinner along with your partner as your personal cook prepares gourmand meals and delivers it right to your table. Your partner can have not felt this special before. You’ll be feeding like kings.

party yacht rental dubai

As the night settles in, your yacht’s crew can sail across the metropolis outline whereas you’re given the chance to relish what’s below deck. Our superyacht’s offer deluxe master bedrooms, equipped with luxurious king beds for optimum comfort. They additionally embrace AN en-suite for your convenience that has been dead crafted to fit your wants.

cheap yacht rental dubai Take your partner on top of deck and hear your favorite music as you dance the night away, with our state of the art sound systems that area unit created on the market on all of our yachts. All of our ships additionallysupply deluxe amusement areas wherever you and your partner will sit and luxuriate in the newest in movies and tv.

Anniversaries area unit day for you and your significant other to like and dream everything you’ve experienced whereas you wedding grows older, your love ought to solely grow stronger and what a far better thanks to show it than by celebrating on a brilliant yacht. Your partner can desire royalty once she’s aboard. “yacht rental dubai marina”


Yacht Rental Dubai Organizing party events for birthdays, wedding reception, anniversary celebrations, business meetings, surprise proposals, candle light dinners and bachelor parties is our specialty. Not only events, party yacht rental dubai

party yacht rental dubai


Though light refreshments are served aboard, it may not be good enough for a special occasion. Just tell us what your guests want and we would get gourmet food catered for them and make the experience a finger licking one

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Valued memories they say, must not be forgotten. We can capture your memorable moment as you want them, HD or edited to suit you with the high-resolution cameras and deliver it to you.

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Decorations can dramatically set the mood and tone of an event. It is worth spending time on selecting and co-ordinating your décor. Not only that, the decorations could be made specific to a corporate product launch also. “cheapest yacht rental dubai”

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We pride ourselves on “Providing the Best Yachts & the Best Times” for more than a decade from our locations in Dubai.



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cheapest yacht rental dubai. Yacht Rental Dubai Everything you need to know about Yacht Rental in Dubai we believe that Yachts should be fun, easy, and worry-free allowing you to create memories with family and friends. party yacht rental dubai You deserve the freedom to relax & enjoy.  cheapest yacht rental dubai We have a large fleet of Sea yachts from 44 foot to 101 foot for half day, whole day, or even term rentals cheap yacht rental dubai .

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