Yacht Rental Dubai

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Yacht Rental Dubai

For the best parties, sign up for marvelous yacht rental Dubai services only from Party Cruise Dubai. Give us the checklist for your upcoming party or event, and we will gladly prepare and get everything organized for you. We are the best yacht rental company in Dubai as we provide the most luxurious yachts and excellent services courtesy of our professional captain and crew. yacht dubai marina, dubai marina yacht club prices and dubai boat rental prices

yacht dubai marina, dubai marina yacht club prices and dubai boat rental prices

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For birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, reunions, engagements, and any other activities that you can think of, you can rent a yacht in Dubai and have a great time. We will make it the best one that you will ever have aboard our stylish yachts. Leave your worries behind. Rent a yacht in Dubai for party needs now.

yacht Rental Dubai

Let your hair down and lift those party spirits up only on the best yacht rental Dubai.

Yacht Rental Dubai

Select the yacht of your choice which best suits to your needs from the above list. We own this large fleet of yachts for you to offer the best customized charter which proves your best cruise in Dubai experience. Inform us about your charter needs we will do it for your pleasure.

All you need to know about Yacht Rental Dubai

We own a fleet of yachts which ranges from 33 feet to 85 feet sports and luxury yachts to accommodate a small group desirous for private ambiance or a bigger group looking for lively and interactive atmosphere. For whatever the upcoming event you have including:

  • Birthday Celebration or Engagement Party
  • Celebration of Marriage Anniversary
  • Friend’s Reunion or Family Get-Together
  • Fun-filled fishing adventure with your fellows
  • Corporate Business Meeting or any other event

We specialize in arranging for all such events. The trip starts from Marina Yacht Club Dubai and it moves along the sky-rise buildings of lagoon area. You will witness from sea, the amazing architecture of Atlantis, The Palm with photography session there.

Yacht Rental Dubai Package Includes:

  • Free Pickup and drop-off from anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah
  • A ride on a world-class yacht charter with full safety arrangement
  • Services from experienced and friendly captain and crew
  • Electric griller and complimentary assistance by crew for grilling
  • Fully equipped kitchen complimentary tea, coffee
  • Complimentary fishing equipment and fish-sensing SONAR
  • Full insurance for everyone on board

Why Choose Columbus Yachts

  • 24 hours reservation and helpline
  • Best competitive prices with high quality service
  • Choice of time and duration round the clock
  • State-of-the-art home theater and sound system with DJ on demand
  • Additional services like five star catering, party decoration and Cake of choice
  • Luxury transportation like limousines upon demand
  • Professional photographer and expert DJ if required

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yacht Rental Dubai

Columbus Yachts recognizes that Dubai serves the guests from all parts of globe which have different needs in terms of their preferences and perspective. With massive experience and rich exposure of well over 10 years, we promise to cater all needs of guests who rent a yacht in Dubai.

We offer our clients with yacht and  yacht Rental Dubai and give you the freedom of being in the open sea and experience a fresh ocean breeze which will bring smile to your face. Our yachts are fixed with the modern fishing equipment. Some of the fish you can catch are Emperor, Catfish, Trivially, Small Barracuda, Sea Bream, Grouper and Small Sharks.

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We have a fleet of luxury yachts. We have a perfect fleet for organizing for corporate events, leisure and team building. The renting of our boats can be done on a daily basis. High sea fishing trips, romantic walks to the sun’s setting, or multi-day amazing packages. Our rental service vessels are very convenient and secure.

yacht Rental Dubai

Fishing in Dubai

Imagine the rush of waves, the fresh sea breeze blowing through you and the endless clicking of the cameras with the fish you just caught. Be the next to experience this all by going on memorable deep sea fishing in Dubai. Rich and diverse in its marine life, Dubai holds sailfish, barracuda, grouper, tuna, queenfish, snapper and other popular varieties, sports fishing trips is well sought after excursion among tourists and residents of Dubai. Your taste buds can witness some of the delectable fishes you will ever enjoy in this one-of-a-kind trip of fishing adventure.

Best Dubai Fishing Trip Organizers in Dubai

Columbus yacht rental dubai  offers a memorable deep fishing experience for you and your fellows. Our wide selection of sports fishing cum luxury yachts, range in size from 37 feet to 85 feet. We offer the best promotional rates in the whole Dubai. You get best deals with value for money and superb services. Knowing fishing spot and fish food for bait, understanding season, weather and time along with modern fishing techniques enables Columbus to be liked by deep fishing lovers as best fishing company in Dubai.

yacht Rental Dubai

By choosing Columbus, we promise to give you the best shore service. A chilled voyage along the seashore to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Burj al Arab, the altitudinous Burj Khalifa, and the three hundred manmade world islands. Attractive and amazing environment like the Garden of Eden, friendly and nice crew being at your service upon one call


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Yacht Rental Dubai

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Yacht Rental Dubai

Columbus Yacht’s vision is to bestow the greatest amount of comfort franchise with paramount industry standards. Creating a better marine experience to everyone interested by offering a wide range of services that will make you enjoy every second on our yacht and love marine life. Columbus yacht is indisputable leader in high quality, excellence and beauty.

Yacht Rental Dubai

Columbus Yachts and Boats Rentals was founded in 2013 Dubai- UAE, to enumerate a better and prominent service in the marine experience, it aims at giving a variety of entertainments with a genuine professionalism for the leisure of people. It has always been our pleasure to offer you the luxurious, comfortable amusement with high Performance and adventure.

Yacht Rental Dubai

Our charter company came into existence in 2013 and today we stand as the best leisure marine industry across the UAE. Columbus Yachts Dubai serves tourists with the most elegant piece of Dubai in terms of its adventure and delight. If you are new in Dubai and want to see the Dubai you see back home on TV and in magazines, join our cruise.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Since 2013, our aim and obligation is to present an entertaining and pleasing lifestyle to our customers, one that is hygienic, healing, calming, and nuisance free. One that can never be forgotten, the one you will always want to come back for.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Columbus yachts mission is to provide its customers with the best yachting experience and leisure by making the memories everlasting and special. We aim to be the best outfitter of boating-related product and gear for recreation on the water that provide outstanding value to every Customer. Nothing compared to a cruising experience with COLUMBUS.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Renting yachts

Organizing your event;

Birthday party

Wedding reception

Anniversary celebration

Yacht Proposal

Corporate meetings


Family get together


Romantic candle light dinner

Spicing your event with;

Music and


Yacht Rental Dubai


The ‘ Columbus Yachts’ occasions and entertainments have always been the best and memorable, than any other any other private adventure on a private luxury sailing yacht for the reason that our crew will consort you with the best treatment, care and attention to mention but few.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Craving for a fairy-tale wedding? ‘Columbus Yachts’ will make your prince charming ride on a horse on board with your ring and crown. There is nothing more beautiful than being the happiest bride in the world. Want to propose to her while cruising? We will decorate the yacht with candles and flowers and the best violin music to make her accept in few seconds. Give us your broken self and we will fix your mood.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Whether you cruise for one hour, or 6 hours, Columbus offers a full yachting experience, excitement, pleasure and leisure without thinking about your social status, age or race. Respect is what we give, leisure is what we offer.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Discover many reasons spend some time on a cruise; like meeting or vocation, instead of booking a hotel room to sleep or spend the day holding a remote control in front of TV, book Columbus and you will see the beauty of Dubai from a different angle, you will see relaxation at its peak, when you try this, cruising will be part of your schedules.

Yacht Rental Dubai



Offering the best event decoration to suit your theme with flowers of your choice and at your command.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Valued memories they say, must not be forgotten. We can capture your memorable moment as you want them, HD or edited to suit you with the high-resolution cameras and deliver it to you.

Yacht Rental Dubai

Providing mouthwatering food varieties; barbeque, Italian, Arabian, Turkish, Pakistan, Indian, Punjabi, pizza, Arabian, Nigerian, seafood…from the best chefs that will suit your taste buds.

Yacht Rental Dubai

Organizing party events for birthdays, wedding reception, anniversary celebrations, business meetings, surprise proposals, candle light dinners and bachelor parties is our specialty. Not only events, we can also organize a peaceful cruise for you to wash away your stress.

Yacht Rental Dubai


You do not need to come with your car, just call us and we will pick you from your destination at the right time with your choice of vehicle to take you to enjoy our service to the fullest.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Food, cruise, then music, enjoy the music as if you are watching the artist. Are you sad? Lonely? Heartbroken? Adele we suggest and Taher Ismail will do too. Want rock? Yassin Alsalman will be the best choice. So choose COLUMBUS and you will enjoy the music of your choice, be it rock, country music, old school…Is it a DJ you want or a belly dancer to watch or simply instrumental artist? Join our cruise and groove.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Life is all about experiences; experiences that last, experiences that we cannot forget because they are very sweet, have ever imagined what it would be like to experience a life on water(cruise), to feel the breeze entering every inch or your body, to feel the coolness, to feel the warmth, to feel the excitement, to feel the peace. Ride in Columbus, and you shall feel all this in one unforgettable cruise.

“Yacht Rental Dubai”


Columbus offers a voluptuous marine life experience with high peak pleasure, fine dining, good nightlife, and pure unadulterated leisure. It is a home of pure leisure, and entertainment. We offer a sense of freedom and leisure that is truly perfect. You will be relaxed in our comfortable accommodation, breathtaking views, lips-smacking cuisines, wonderful music that goes with your mood and endless activities.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Chattering a yacht is undoubtedly special, not only because of the amazing view and surrounding, but also for the sense of peace and leisure it delivers. The moment you step on Columbus, you are safe from stress and daily life boring routines. Sleeping on Columbus will open your world to ultimate peace, enjoyment and luxury. Imagine your wish being our command, accustomed to your desires of your guest and yourself.

Yacht Rental Dubai


By choosing Columbus, we promise to give you the best shore service. A chilled voyage along the seashore to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Burj al Arab, the altitudinous Burj Khalifa, and the three hundred manmade world islands. Attractive and amazing environment like the Garden of Eden, friendly and nice crew being at your service upon one call.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Sail in the most pristine waters and secluded bays, around immaculate islands and alongside white sandy beaches. Discover something different, escape everyday life, the sea awaits you. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced sailor, a yacht charter is the ultimate holiday experience with something for everyone.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Columbus cruising experience is extremely fun, relaxing, and carefree and it is designed to bring to our customers the most luxurious flawless service, expect a 1st class treatment from us. We can arrange the best masseuse on board and a private chef for your personal menu. Whether it is a private charter or an office meeting or you just want to entertain your friends in style, Columbus Yachts is here for you, we give everything in extravagant style.

Yacht Rental Dubai

Each and every one of our yachts is unique and awesome because it is designed to satisfy anyone that boards it, we do not aim to meet our customers’ expectancies, we aim to take those expectancies to a more advanced stage.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Columbus Yachts are built and designed to mount the ordeal and go far beyond trends and fashion that come and go. Our yachts will forever be in style, we recognize that new standards of luxury are constantly being established and that responsibility, sustainability and character are mostly important. We rise to the challenge of building each and every one of our yachts to be the best expression of luxury now and tomorrow. Our yachts are artistic but never exaggerated, innovative but wellborn; they are timeless classics, built today to sail well into tomorrow.

Yacht Rental Dubai


We can help you reach perfection for your special event, whether you needed help in the decoration for your party or get your needs of food, drinks and desserts. Water and soft drinks (Pepsi) are free.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Choosing Columbus will be the best choice because we are highly driven and innovative, safe and peaceful, we have the fastest customer service, and we will give you the best experience in few hours. Our staff will never rest until you are satisfied. We operate at your own command. We are highly driven by innovation, safe and peaceful, we operate at your command, we never rest until you are satisfied, we have wisdom, excellence and integrity. Just put your trust on us and we will not disappoint you. This is the reason why you should choose COLUMBUS.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Columbus Yacht make certain your yachting adventure is absolutely classical, make sure every detail is perfect. Our services grasp every aspects of a glamorous yachting experience. We have a definite guarantee to on-going service, eminence, client fulfilment and satisfaction. If you want to escape everyday stress, jump in our cruise and you will be drunk in our unending leisure.

Yacht Rental Dubai


We give you what best suit you, if you are tired of boring candle light dinners at home, book our cruise and we will take it to another level. Our cruise is perfect for family outing, business meeting and parties, wedding reception, bachelor parties, romantic dinner, anniversary celebrations.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Columbus strives to offer the customers only the best treatment and products and to brace the customers with exceptional excitement and service. We have cautiously chosen the lines we represent for their commitment to our common goals, which consist of making our customers, customers for life.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Our skilled and qualified staff will welcome you aboard, and thereby we are committed to create a safe, friendly, hospitable and positive environment. Our luxurious yachts are utilizing the latest safety and navigational equipment according to the UAE Coast Guard Rules and Regulations.

Yacht Rental Dubai


You can also enjoy the company of your dear ones in the luxurious yacht and experience the most refreshing trip. For us, guests comfort stands to be the biggest priority and we put in our best efforts to give you the best of our prosperities. Be a part of our cruise and enjoy the best adventure in few hours.

Yacht Rental Dubai

Are you looking for adventitious or classic sailing occasion onboard? Bored of organizing meetings in the office? Our extravagant sailboat is the final curtain of uniting work with recreation. This will make you relax and give outstanding ideas that will be beneficial to your company and improve the relationship with clients.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Columbus yachts cares about your safety more than anything else, we aim to give you the utmost protection before boarding or after boarding, your life vest on us, we make sure you are safe and free, after all, protection matters more than enjoyment.


Our yachts accurately guarded and cautiously checked between charters. Our yachts are regularly modernized to assure that we reach have the widest selection of the latest premium mono-hulls, catamarans and power catamarans of any major charter company.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Our facilities are well built, and classically designed to fit in any coming generation, their quality stand to be the best so far. Our facilities are safe, and have a full-service Marine Centre with docks and secure moorings, offices and workshops, shower, bathrooms and kitchens.

Yacht Rental Dubai


We want you to have the best sailing vocation of a lifetime, and with our integrity, nobility, enthusiasm, honesty, we are sure we can give you this experience in few hours. We are committed to ensuring that everything about your Columbus charter is perfect and beyond expectation.

Yacht Rental Dubai

From lurching hillsides encircled with olive orchards and grape vines to elegant city clubs and exclusive sea side Emirati towns, renting a yacht from Columbus guarantees experiencing the most eloquent yachting experience. The calm waters that lap the shores are ideal for snorkeling, kayaking and windsurfing or just sitting back on the top deck of your charter yacht.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Nothing can elevate your mood better than cruising along with the best yacht to charter. Finest amusements, mouth-watering refreshments and a service incomparable, Columbus offers only the best and a time that you can never forget. Our yachts are well equipped with outstanding facilities and willing staff. Select the yacht of your choice below and we shall deal with the rest.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Our Columbus 45 is established on a new hull layout and conveys an intuition of the sailing coupe with it excellent deck saloon extended in clean symmetry with a shoreline that points to adventure and power. Cool and subjugating. Balanced by excellent luxury and ampleness throughout. Our Columbus 45 is the haven and relaxation and exhilaration.

Columbus Detail

Length: 45 Feet

Model: Gulf Craft – Ambassador

Year: 2010

Crew: 1 Captain / 1 Crew

Cabin: 2 Bedrooms

Passengers’ capacity: 10 (day cruise)

Minimum Hour Requirement: 2 hours

Age Limit: No bar

Operating Days: 7 days a week

Operating Time: 24 hours

Special Feature: Complete With Fishing Gear

Yacht Rental Dubai


Yacht Rental Dubai

Polina is the epitome of Columbus, beautifully crafted and proportioned throughout, embodied details within, a refuge for relaxation and euphoria. Basically, a super yacht designed to convey your individuality.

Columbus Detail

Length: 55 Feet / 17 meters

Model: Gulf Craft

Year: 2008

Crew: 1 Captain 1 / Crew

Cabin: 3 Bedrooms

Passengers Capacity: 25 (day cruise)

Minimum Hour Requirement: 2 hours

Age Limit: No bar

Operating Days: 7 days a week

Operating Time: 24 hours

Special Feature: BBQ Grill and fully integrated centralized audio visual system